Working as an artist, architectural researcher and writer based in Brussels, my practice operates at the intersection of different disciplines to investigate the spatial and political dimension of art, architecture and the urban environment. I’m interested in the influence of formal spatial/political power structures on our living environment, and in the informal counter-strategies people create to deal with them. In 2016/2017 I worked as a Jan van Eyck participant on Grand Tour Europa, an artistic research project regarding the spatial understanding of tourism and migration in the context of the politics of cultural identity in the European Union. Since 2018 I work on Colonial Traces, an ongoing multi layered artistic research project on the colonial history of the Netherlands in Indonesia.

Together with Rob Ritzen I founded That Might Be Right, an artistic and socially engaged organisation dedicated to researching, developing and supporting alternatives to the present. Since 2017 I also teach history and theory of architecture at the Academy of Architecture and since 2018 I work as an editor for Archined.

Selection of recent works:
– 2018, Colonial Traces

– 2018, Future Heritage, in collaboration with Vooruit and the students of the second-year autonomous design class of KASK, Ghent

– 2016/2017, Grand Tour Europa: Tourists, refugees, global shoppers,
exiles, artists, migrants and other adventurers, what do they have in common?

– 2015/2016, Transgresion/Transition: an exploration of the Senne and its surroundings

– 2015, État des Lieux: Reflecting on the Edge. Project team: Laura Muyldermans, Rob Ritzen, Jorg De Vriese, Pepijn Kennis, Wouter De Raeve and Paoletta Holst

– 2014/2015, Prison Gear (website) project by BAVO. Project team: Gideon Boie, Fie Vandamme and Paoletta Holst

– 2013/2014, Ambivalent Marseille, Immigration and urban strategies

– 2019, Listening session #4, part of The Water Party by David Bernstein, at a Tale of a Tub, Rotterdam

– 2019, What Bungalows Can Tell, part of the exhibition 900mdpl: Hantu-Hantu Seribu Percakapan, Kaliurang, Indonesia

– 2019, Double Lives, installation and lecture performance, at Periferia Festival, Drogenbos

– 2017, Layered Not Blended, at BREW, Brussels

– 2017, Jardin Maritime 3, at Jardin Maritime Molenbeek (Brussels)

– 2017, Europe Starts Here, installation and reading performance at
W-o-l-k-e, Brussels

– 2017, Europe Starts Here, installation and reading performance at Jan van Eyck Open Studio’s, Maastricht

– 2016, Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee radio interview at Marres Tourist Office Maastricht, listen here

– 2016, A Particular Scenario – Cat in Box, Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam

– 2015, Transgresion/Transition: an exploration of the Senne and its surroundings, Enough Room for Space HQ, Drogenbos (southern periphery of Brussels)

– 2015, Transgresion/Transition: an exploration of the Senne and its surroundings, former Renault Factory, Vilvoorde (northern periphery of Brussels)

– 2017, Reading “Europe Starts Here,” Kunstlicht magazine launch “Constructed Identities”, Dokzaal, Amsterdam

– 2017, Reading “Grand Tour Europa,” symposium Art & the Future City, Beursschouwburg, Brussels

– 2016, Reading “Grand Tour Europa,” Jan van Eyck Institute, Maastricht

– 2016, Lecture “Jungle Europa,” Architecture & Activism class, Sint Lukas Architecture (KULeuven), Brussels

– 2019, reportage: ‘Door vragen het koloniale verleden bevragen’
Published on Archined

– 2018, review: ‘Kan de architectuur er iets aan doen dat de wereld verandert?’
Published in A+ Architecture

– 2018, review: ‘Achter de schermen van goede bedoelingen’
Published on

– 2017, essay: ‘Europe Starts Here’
Published as brochure

– 2017, review: ‘Renzo Martens en David Gianotten/OMA: het (post)koloniale dilemma’ (Dutch version) and ‘Renzo Martens and David Gianotten/OMA: the (post)colonial dilemma’ (English version)
Published on

– 2017, Conversations from Jan van Eyck Academy by Raewyn Martyn, Paoletta Holst & Murdoch Stephens.
Published on Contemporary HUM

– 2016, review: ‘Het goede leven bouwen we samen’
Published in A+ Architecture

– 2016, review: ‘Van wie is de straat?’
Published on

– 2015, reviews: ‘De ruimtelijke metamorfose van Nederland, 1988 – 2015’ and Debat ‘Mediating [Infra]Structures’
Published in De Witte Raaf, no. 176, July-August 2015,
and online on De ruimtelijke metamorfose van Nederland, 1988 – 2015, Debat ‘Mediating [Infra]Structures’

– 2015, review: Africa: Big Change, Big Chance
Published in De Witte Raaf, no. 174, March-April 2015
and online on Africa: big change, big chance

– 2014, text contribution: Inside – Outside
Published in House with Doors and Windows, March 2014

– 2013, review: Visuele notities – Le Corbusier en de fotografie
Published on