Van Zuid naar Noord









In the summer of 2009 I walked in thirty-three days from the
most southern point to the most Northern point of the
Netherlands. I followed the 500 km route of the Pieterpad,
starting with the Pietersberg in Maastricht and ending at
Pieterburen close to the Wadden Sea. On my journey I crossed
six provinces, ten  cities and fifty-four villages.

I invited several artists and experts to join me for a
day’s walk. During the walk the experience of our
environment and the idea of landscape, and more specific the
Dutch landscape, was a central topic to our conversations.

Thanks to:

Charles van Otterdijk
Reinaart Vanhoe
Bas van den Hurk
Tom van Duuren
Prof. dr. Schmid
Melle Smets
Toine Horvers
Tessa de Swart
Ursula Engel
Esther Kokmeijer & Henrik Jan Haarink

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