Zenne Atlas

For the exhibition A Particular Scenario I, Cat in Box I presented the Zenne Atlasa collection of photos, sounds and maps I made during my walk along the Zenne.

A Particular Scenario I, Cat in Box
Serkan Taycan, Paoletta Holst & Christine Bax
Display: 28 May – 24 June 2016, open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 2 – 6 pm
Opening: 28th May 2016, 6 – 10 pm
Address: Veemkade 574 (Pakhuis Wilhelmina), Amsterdam



‘A Particular Scenario’ is a three-series exhibition in which artists from
Turkey and the Netherlands will collaborate with a writer. ‘A Particular
Scenario’ focuses on storytelling as practice in contemporary art and each
series will wander through a different theme, respectively land, water and
wind. The project intends to create a personal, aesthetic and political
connection between the cities of Amsterdam and Istanbul.

‘Between Two Seas’ by Serkan Taycan is an artistic
and activist project – first presented at the 13th Istanbul Biennial in 2013.
It is a four-day walking route in the near west of Istanbul, between the Black
Sea and the Marmara Sea, which allows one to experience the threatening
transformation of Istanbul on foot. Over a four-day hike, individuals and
groups have been covering 60km of trail since 2013. “Between Two Seas” is
both a proposal and an invitation; it is an action that consecrates the
rhythm of walking, which opens the soul to perceive the world. This action
is perhaps the most auspicious project that will open a passage between the
Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. In the first exhibition of ‘A Particular
Scenario’, Taycan will share part of his archive of the walking route in a
new installation and will share his experience during the opening at Corridor
Project Space.


‘Transgression/Transition, an exploration of the Senne and its
by Paoletta Holst is an ongoing research
project on the Belgian Senne river. In April 2015, the project started with a
field research along the Senne by walking the 103 km course of the river. The
decades-long absence of a comprehensive and interregional planning policy,
fueled by the ostrich politics of the three Belgian regions, has made the river
into a ‘non-place’ or ‘fringe’. The Senne manifests itself as an area of
transgression, meandering through city and countryside. At Corridor the
project is presented in a new setup, focusing on the river as an archive of
information and happenings.

Christine Bax writes continuous prose that will thread and mesh
the three exhibitions together. Her text will illuminate how all of us, the
artists but also the visitors are far more interconnected than we initially
thought. The text together with the exhibitions’ research materials and
pictures will be published after the end of September, when the project
comes to a close. This will be published in English and Turkish in the book
‘A Particular Scenario’.


SAHA provided production support for Serkan Taycan.
De Jan van Eyck academie and Mondriaan Fonds provided production for
Paoletta Holst and Christine Bax.


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