Double Lives, lecture performance, Periferia Festival

During the Periferia Festival I presented a lecture performance in which I reactivated the Zenne Atlas, a work that I created in 2015, and talked about the river as fringe and backside of the city and society. The presentation took place in an beautiful orchard close to the farm and artist studio of painter Felix De Boeck (1898 – 1995), in Drogenbos.

The work consists of a lecture (about 45 minutes) performed around a wooden table (roughly 400 x 100 cm) in the form of a river meander on which the Zenne Atlas (see page 7) is presented. People could gather around the table while I talked about the a river story by Tjalie Robinson, a Dutch-Indies writer; the history of the Zenne in the city of Brussels; ideas on hygiene and urbanism; and the figure of Hendrik Freerk Tillema, a pharmacist, hygienist and philanthropist who made a fortune in the East Indies by bottling and selling his Hygeia mineral water.