EUROPE STARTS HERE, TMBR’s reading performance event at Wolke

During FESTIWOL, an experimental art festival at W-o-l-k-e in Brussels,
That Might Be Right
brought together Abla elBahrawy, Michiel Huijben and myself for an evening of reading performances. The festival took place at 16, 17 and 18 June 2017.

“Abla elBahrawy, Michiel Huijben and Paoletta Holst share an interest for architecture in the broadest sense and their way of presenting work overlaps in the use of the lecture format in a performative and counterfactual way. In their practices research into constellations of history, materiality, and knowledge have the upper hand over the formal artistic experiment. The works presented are timely and unstable, questioning rather than stating, challenging rather than hermetic. This characterisation brings TMBR to understand reading performances as a form of essayistic practice; assembling alternative narratives and counter knowledges to those in circulation, enabling unconsidered and overlooked perspectives. Reading performances in short bring to the fore experimental formulations on the way we see things and the way we do things, not in order to remain conceptual but to have an affect on a public and everyday life through performative assembly.”


I presented a customized version of the work Europe Starts Here.


That Might Be Right supports an evening of reading performances
with Abla elBahrawy, Michiel Huijben and Paoletta Holst during FESTIWOL
at experimental art space W-o-l-k-e in Brussels.

Saturday 17 June at 20h.
W-o-l-k-e, Sint-Huibrechtstraat 12-14

F E S T I W O L is a three day festival organised by W-o-l-k-e for the
full programme please visit their website:


Abla elBahrawy – Her practice oscillates between architecture, archaeology, and art. Since 2010, she has been working on a long-term research project that investigates dig houses in Luxor-houses built by foreign archaeologists and Egyptologists usually adjacent to the local excavation sites- placing them in a wider context which invloves notions of failure, speculation and authenticity. Now her work focuses on the history of papyrus paper making and the narrative of its development from a historical material to a contemporary production which thrives on fluctuating interpretations of nationality and identity.

Michiel Huijben – and
Michiel Huijben reads, writes and speaks around the theme of architecture. Perhaps his talks are a way for him to intervene in the (seemingly) rigid and unchangeable architecture of his immediate environment. His latest project examines the work of a particular outsider architect whose (mostly unbuilt) designs from the 70s to the mid-2000s take a peculiar stance on important themes such as sustainability, terrorism and real estate. In 2013, Michiel did a short track residency at De Ateliers in Amsterdam, followed by an MA in architectural history & theory at the Cass, London. Shortly afterward, he started the publishing project Flat i.

Paoletta Holst – is an artist, architectural researcher and writer based in Brussels. Her practice operates at the intersection of different disciplines to investigate the spatial and political dimension of art, architecture and the urban environment. In her work she is interested in the influence of formal spatial/political power structures on our living environment, and in the informal counter-strategies people create to deal with them. Recently she worked on Grand Tour Europa, an artistic research project regarding the spatial understanding of tourism and migration in the context of the politics of cultural identity in the European Union.


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