REFLECTING ON THE EDGE brought together theorists and thinkers to reflect on the spatial political issues present in todays urban periphery of Brussels.

In the context of the PeriFeria Festival 2015 REFLECTING ON THE EDGE was set up in a brownfield between the canal and the Senne river in the periphery of Brussels. It consisted of an audio-installation, compiling recorded interviews with sociologist Mathieu Berger, urbanist Wouter Bervoets, cultural researcher and economist David Hamers, political scientist and philosopher Maarten Crivits, cultural philosopher Bart Verschaffel, political and social scientist Pascal Debruyne, artist Ief Spincemaille and architect Peter Swinnen. The audio was accompanied with a small reader gathering the raw transcriptions of the interviews. Visitors were invited to take a chair, a reader, a pen and a little light, after which they could search for a spot in the field to listen to the audio.

Installation view:

Selection of audio fragments: