lecture performance

“Abla elBahrawy, Michiel Huijben and Paoletta Holst share an interest for architecture in the broadest sense and their way of presenting work overlaps in the use of the lecture format in a performative and counterfactual way. In their practices research into constellations of history, materiality, and knowledge have the upper hand over the formal artistic experiment. The works presented are timely and unstable, questioning rather than stating, challenging rather than hermetic. This characterisation brings TMBR to understand lecture performances as a form of essayistic practice; assembling alternative narratives and counter knowledges to those in circulation, enabling unconsidered and overlooked perspectives. Lecture performances in short bring to the fore experimental formulations on the way we see things and the way we do things, not in order to remain conceptual but to have an affect on a public and everyday life through performative assembly.”

During FESTIWOL, an experimental art festival at W-o-l-k-e in Brussels, That Might Be Right brought together Abla elBahrawy, Michiel Huijben and myself for an evening of lecture performances. The festival took place at 16, 17 and 18 June 2017.